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Baby Boy Clothes – A Rare Find?

Baby clothes. Who doesn’t like them? (Don’t answer if you don’t lol). But seriously, I adore baby clothes. There’s a certain charm about them. Plus they’re so teeny tiny that it just ups the squeal factor. When my hubby and I first found out that we were expecting, the first thing we did was go shopping to buy a onesie with something related to “grandma” – to break the news to her. Meanwhile, we melted over cute infant dresses, frilly socks, skirts, and sun rompers. By far, girl clothes were the most adorable.

In so many baby departments, you can find one of two scenarios: 1) the boys’ section is minuscule in comparison to the girls’ section, or 2) The boys’ section offers mainly brown, grey and blue, while the girl section looks like a rainbow exploded.

When we found out we were having a boy, I cried whenever I walked into a baby clothing department. I would be drawn to all the girly clothes like a moth to a flame. But the boy clothes… they were just so boring.

That’s when I began my search for brands that offered cute, yet affordable baby boy clothes. Slowly, but surely, I fell more and more in love with boy clothes. The cute sweatpants, the hoodies, the suspenders, and bowties. Dress shirts are absolutely adorable, and let’s not even get into shoes!! Sadly, it seems that the majority of stores, at least in New Jersey, just do not offer that many unique options for boys.

Braveheart circa 2 months old – outfit from H&M

On my journey to find cute baby boy clothes, I’ve acquired some favourites. Right now, ranking at the top is Orchestra, followed by H&M and Carters. Of course, it’s not just cuteness that matters, but quality, practicality, and comfort as well. There are some baby outfits that are so amazingly adorable, but difficult to put on/take off and impossible to make quick nappy changes.

When Braveheart was born, he was so tiny that he didn’t fit into ‘newborn’ sized clothes. We were grateful that Carters offered some adorable outfits in preemie sizes.

Braveheart circa 3 months old – outfit from Carters

Most European brands seem to be brilliant when it comes to looks AND practicality. That’s why I love Orchestra. Some other brands outside of the US that Braveheart has worn are Noukies and Petit Bateau (both courtesy of his oma in Belgium). Oh, how I wish they were available here in the US. I am so grateful, however, to have found a few other European brands available here.

Do you have some favourite baby clothing brands? Is it just me, or are baby clothes the cutest? 

Thank you for reading!


Thanks for reading!

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