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Baby Boy Clothes – A Rare Find?

Baby clothes. Who doesn’t like them? (Don’t answer if you don’t lol). But seriously, I adore baby clothes. There’s a certain charm about them. Plus they’re so teeny tiny that it just ups the squeal factor. When my hubby and I first found out that we were expecting, the first thing we did was go shopping to buy a onesie with something related to “grandma” – to break the news to her. Meanwhile, we melted over cute infant dresses, frilly socks, skirts, and sun rompers. By far, girl clothes were the most adorable.

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baby fashion

4 Baby Shoe Brands I Love

Let’s face it, baby shoes may not be necessary before a child can walk, but baby shoes are absolutely adorable and allow little ones to get used to them by the time they can walk. 

In this post, I’m going to discuss my favourite baby shoe brands and some things I’ve learned along the way. #givemeallthebabyshoes

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